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RipOff Report Complaint Rated as "F" by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

BBB assines "F" to the Rip Off Report. Read detals at BBB Details Rip-Off Report Evaluation.

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Ripoff Reports is BANNED by many countries and ranked as a SCAM by business information experts such as Wikipedia and lawyers such as Minc LLC have all written web pagers and/or magazines explaning these problems. Facts show everything to be Infotivity fraud free!

Infotivity Complaint Results about Rip Off Reforts

Many countries around the world have BANNED Ripoff Report totally. Link to many, such as the Wikipedia, BBB, and Minc web pages and/or articals below:

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, analyzes Rip-off Report.

Wikipedia lists Fraudulent Ripoff Report results in these links:

Minc LLC Lawer Reveals Many Rip Off Problems

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