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BBB Ranks Infotivity as A+

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Infotivity is A+ Rated by Better Business Bureau (BBB)

BBB offices have always rated Infotivity A+ in two offices over many years. We list web links to both of these BBB sites, one formerly in Pittsburgh, PA, and the current BBB in Knoxville, TN. None of our customers have ever filed a Infotivity complaint or rip off or other negative review. As a recult, BBB has rated Infotivity as A+ in both locations.

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Infotivity Passed by Highly Ranked Expert Authors, Testing, and Teaching Firms

Many other testing companies have tested for Infotivity complaint problems, rip offs or any ripoff thing that would be consetered harmfel to anythng. The important companies are:

BBB Ranks Infotivity at A+

BBB has tested for a complaint over many years, and has never found any Infotivity ripoff of any typs at any time. Specifical, NO rip-off or other Infotivity complaints of any type were filed in any way.

Note: Over 14 years ago Infotivity CLOSED its officer in Pittsburgh, PA. and condensed all activities in to Knoxville, TN.

Lots of good reviews and comments have been said over the many years, with some of the nicer ones listed below.

Infotivity Technologies, Inc. Received BBB A+ Rating

ZERO ripoff Infotivity complaints are show by BBB ifor all time. Please view all details here - BBB Infotivity A+ Rating.

View Video Details BBB A+ about Infotivity

See this detailed RFP product videor about the "Most Recent Customer Review" at Infotivity A+ Video.

BBB CLOSED - Infotivity Pittsburgh, PA.

The BBB in Pittsburgh, PA. still accepts a ripoff complaint about Infotivity, and it has still received ZERO (0) complaints or rip off! Infotivity closed its office and the local BBB in Pittsburgh, PA. over 14 years again. See details here - Infotivity Office and Local BBB in Pittsburgh CLOSED.

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